Our Mission

Eastwind’s Mission Statement:

To inspire people to follow Jesus and deepen their faith and relationship with Him.


Who we are and what makes us unique:


• We are deliberate about creating a space and an experience that is attractive to both Christians and non-Christians, and to those who have turned away from faith because of past negative church experiences. We do this because Jesus extended the invitation to follow Him to everyone. Accordingly, we are warm, open, friendly and try not to take ourselves too seriously. We are aggressively non-judgmental and will err on the side of being inclusive and attractive to outsiders. We communicate the gospel message with creativity and cultural relevance because we are committed to ensuring that the irresistible message of Jesus is introduced to our community. We are committed to helping people develop a deeper understanding of and relationship with Jesus, leading to transformed hearts and changed lives.


How We Execute our Mission and Vision:

To accomplish its mission and vision, Eastwind implements the following (the 5 pillars):


Excellence in the Sunday morning experience. We want our Sunday morning service to be an experience we can feel comfortable inviting our friends and neighbors to attend. It should be energetic, professional, and practical. It should not feel “churchy.” It should be well-organized and rehearsed. The music should be up-to-date, varied in style and content, and performed with excellence. Preaching should be by engaging speakers who deliver practical, biblically-based sermons. The flow and content of the service should be deliberate and well executed.


An organized structure and supportive culture that encourages people to become and stay involved in serving within Eastwind. A healthy church is one where its members are involved. This not only allows the church to accomplish more, it also facilitates spiritual growth in its members.


• Dynamic and compelling programming for children and youth creating strong community and development of the participants’ faith in partnership with families. We are committed to using the Orange model of children’s and youth ministry, integrating its philosophy of involving the church and families together in growing the faith of young people, and its emphasis on a relational model utilizing active small group leaders who are consistently involved with the same groups of kids.


An organized and focused program for serving outside the walls of Eastwind and reaching out to non-Christians. We want to have a positive impact in our community. We want the people in the surrounding neighborhoods to be glad we are a part of the community even if they don’t attend Eastwind. We also want to be involved in serving and spreading the message of Jesus into the wider community through regional and global programs.


An organized and effective program through home groups and classes where people can develop their faith beyond the Sunday morning services. We do not want people to simply attend a Sunday morning service and stop there. We want to encourage people to grow in their faith by increasing their knowledge and involvement with communities of other people.