Life Groups

Life Groups

Life groups will:

LIVE – Whether you end up meeting in a home, coffee shop, at work, or the church we encourage participants in our groups to genuinely participate in each other’s lives. Groups often share a meal or get together for fun activities and always value openness, honesty, confidentiality and non-judgemental support and guidance.


LOVE – We encourage each group to participate in a service project as a team. Not only do we practice love and concern for each other in the group but a real concern for the community around us. Serving together helps make our groups less about just talk and more about living out our faith together.


LEARN – Each group is discussion oriented and steered by participant’s concerns rather than a leader’s agenda. We value and respect opposing opinions and treat differences with humility and grace. Participants are encouraged to reject guilt, fear, and pressure. But you’ll also be challenged to grow and move forward in your faith.

If you have any questions about joining an Eastwind Life Group Jesse would be happy to answer your questions.


Phone: (760) 390-0354